Moving up through the Sections is key to a Scout Group as each Section offers new challenges, activities and skills to learn along with different badges and awards to earn. When purchasing a new Section uniform a number of badges need to be transferred across. Listed below are the badges required. All other badges from the previous Section can remain on the old uniform or sewn onto a camp blanket.

Membership Badge
District & County Badge
Group Name Tape
Stage Badges

Stage badges – During a members time across the Sections they will earn Stage badges which have the same colour background as this one. There are many different Stage badges with all have a picture inside to illustrate the theme of the badge and a number showing the level achieved. Members must only move the highest number of each Stage badge onto the new uniform. Other badges to transfer are:

Bronze, Silver & Gold Chief Scouts Awards (If achieved)
Joining in Years Awards – Only the highest number of the Joining in Award should be sewn onto the new uniform