Due to the Scout Hut located away from the car park we insist that for certain ages of our members they need to be dropped off and collected from the Scout Hut door. As most Section Meetings are in the dark evenings we feel that Beavers and Cubs should be escorted across the playing field. Parents of Scouts can choose if their child makes both journeys on their own or escorted across. We believe Explorers are old enough to walk across without parental assistance.


1st Grundisburgh Scout Group and Fynn Valley Explorer Unit operate a Uniform Policy where we expect members who have been Invested to wear their Uniform at all meetings, unless told otherwise by Leaders. Uniform consists of a long sleeve jumper or shirt as per their Section with accompanying scarf, woggle and all badges sewn on. Lack of Uniform worn over several occasions may result in loss of invite to special activities and camps. New badges will not be awarded if previous badges are not sewn onto Uniforms. All Beavers and Cubs should own a long sleeve Uniform jumper and Scouts and Explorers should own a long sleeve Uniform shirt – the Scout Association polo shirts are for casual wear on camps and events – NOT for weekly Section meetings. Please see our separate Uniform Policy for further details.


The Scouting Movement is based on Friendship, Trust, Consideration, Respect for others and oneself and the opportunity to try new things. When Invested every member makes a Promise to the Scouting Movement to abide by these principles. Whilst the Group can tolerate some behaviour which would be deemed as part of their personal medical diagnosis, the Group will NOT tolerate bullying, physical harm, vulgar language, deliberate damage to property and anything else which may be deemed against these principles. If members are not prepared to keep this Promise and continually disrupt Section meetings with poor behaviour and spoiling the fun for the other members, then this may result in loss of invites to special activities or camps or even removal from the Scout Group or Explorer Unit entirely.


To be a member of 1st Grundisburgh Scout Group and Fynn Valley Explorer Unit all subscription fees must be up-to-date. Operating from September to August a year’s fee covers Personal Accident Insurance, Utility Bills for the Scout Building, Badges, Building Insurance, Leaders Training plus materials and equipment used. Joining during a School year will result in a reduced fee until the next full year comes around i.e. the start of September. Failure to pay the subscription fee will result in loss of invite to special activities or camps or even removal from the Scout Group or Explorer Unit entirely.


Photographs are often taken at meetings, camp and events to promote the Section and Scouting activities as well as a visual record of past years. Children are not individually named and any pictures could be used for displays within the building, photo albums, presentations to the public, the Facebook page and Website, Local Newspapers and the ‘Grundisburgh News’. Please inform the Scout Group or Explorer Unit if individuals cannot be photographed.


1st Grundisburgh Scout Group and Fynn Valley Explorer Unit exist to provide exciting Scouting Adventures to its members within safety rules provided by the UK Scout Association. Camping and Outdoor activities are a major element to our balanced programme and emails and letters will detail the event as and when they become available. Some of the Activities are based on water such as Canoeing, Sailing and Rafting, however we are likely to take members to the local swimming pool as part of an evening activity or whilst on camp. Parents will be advised if a water activity such as swimming will be appearing in the programme. The Scout Group and Explorer Unit will leave the decision to the Parent or Guardian if an individual attends water based activities and they should inform the Leaders if the individual cannot partake in any water based activities during a camp. Another activity associated with the Scouting movement is Air Rifle Shooting. The Scout Association rules on Air Rifle Shooting are strict and we require Parents to read, understand and sign the Air Rifles Statement within the individual Health Form submitted on joining the Scout Group or Explorer Unit.


The type of information we collect on forms, and any other letters for Camps and activities, all relate to the individuals involved in the Scouting Movement and their Parental/Guardian Contacts, plus additional Emergency Contacts should Parents or Guardians be unavailable. Information requested will be Names, Date of Birth, Telephone and Mobile numbers, Addresses, Email Addresses, any Medical related needs specific to that individual, Doctors Contact details, Parents and Guardians occupations, options of payment for events, confirmation of Gift Aid and signatures. All of these areas of information are collected to ensure individuals can partake in Scouting activities during their time as a member of the UK Scout Association.

This Data will be securely stored as either paper records or entered onto electronic documents. Access to this Data will be shared with the Group Scout Leader, Warranted Leaders, Section Assistants and the Group Treasurer within 1st Grundisburgh Scout Group or Fynn Valley Explorer Unit. Some Data will also be available to other Leaders from different Groups should the individual be involved in District and County activities. Requested Data may be updated at any time but it is the responsibility of Parents and Guardians to inform the Scout Group of any changes to the collected Data. Information from Permission to Camp replies will be destroyed once the member has completed the camp or event. Data from the individual Health Form will be kept until that person leaves the Scouting Movement. Data provided for Gift Aid purposes will be securely stored electronically for 6 years from the end of the accounting period they relate to i.e. from when the last subscription fees were paid.