As well as the Leaders providing the weekly activities we have a Executive Committee. The Executive Committee’s responsibilities are to provide support to the Leaders, secure adequate and managed funds for the Group to keep operating, to ensure sufficient resources and equipment, to maintain all property owned by or used by the Scout Group and provide insurance cover for members, property and equipment. The Committee aims to meet every term with the Group Scout Leader and Section Leaders to discuss matters arising and fundraising. The Scout Group has various fundraising schemes.

Members of the Group Executive Committee are the Charity Trustees of the Scout Group. Charity Trustees are responsible for complying with all the legislation applicable to Charities. Along with Section Leaders the Executive Committee is comprised of five additional roles who are ex-officio members of the Committee. These roles are the following: (click on each for a role description)

For the role of Executive Committee Member there are three groups of people who may come under this description. These are:

  • Elected members – These individuals are elected by the Group at the Annual General Meeting and these members are normally parents of members.
  • Nominated members – These individuals are nominated by the Group Scout Leader at the Annual General Meeting and are usually parents but may be people without children attending as members.
  • Co-opted members – These individuals are co-opted by the Executive to join the Committee. These people have certain skills, expertise or knowledge that the Group may need. They could be members of the public, previous parents or volunteers.

The Scout Group Executive Committee are in need of individuals to fill the Executive Committee Member roles and if interested would like to hear from you.

For more information please contact the Group Scout Leader Stuart Ross on:

01473 735352 or email: