All of our leaders are volunteers, they willingly give up their time not only on a weekly basis to enable the section meetings, but during weekends to facilitate camps/sleepovers plus all the additional administrative hours involved in the smooth running of the group.

On top of this they have also given their time to undergo leader training…yes, they are fully trained!!!

They are human…it has been proven…and this means that they are fallible, so sometimes they forget things or give the wrong information out so please be patient with them…they mean well.

They care about your children, the section, the group and Scouts in general and work really hard so that your children can have fun no matter what their age and ability.

They are always open to offers of help/support, (for details of how to get involved see here). You can always approach them with questions, complaints or concerns, (but try to remember the fact that they are only human)