We are pleased to be providing this free event open to our members at Grundisburgh Scout Group and the Community. From Monday 26th to Midnight on Saturday 31st October (Halloween) 13 Ghosts will appear around the village of Grundisburgh. Your task is to orienteer within the village, find these Ghosts and write down their colour and letters displayed. You will find these Ghosts displayed on fences, gates, windows or in the front gardens near to where it is marked on the map.

Download and print off the Map, and write down your answers in the spaces provided. After you have found the Ghost, take the form home and make as many words as possible using only these letters found. You then need to submit all your answers to the Scout Group by midnight Saturday 7th November. The winner will be the person with the correct colours, letters and most amount of words. They will win 2 adults and 2 children’s tickets to our next Fireworks Display in 2021.