How do you make a leader cry?…Remind her she’s getting older!!

Beavers Campfire

Scouts visit to Police HQ

Beaver’s Shoe box night

Remembrance Wreath Laying

Beaver’s Halloween Party

Halloween Camp 2016

Beaver’s Guy


Summer Camp 2016

Duck Race 2016

Beavers impromtu “catapult” night as archery rained off

Cubs Hike

Cubs at centenary camp

Cubs at Saint Georges day parade

2016-04-24 14.49.17

Scouts “survival” camp

Cubs night hike, sleepover and litter pick

Cubs “Thank you” night

2016-06-17 18.34.27

Beaver’s “Junk Modelling” night Winners



Cubs “Jelly baby” night

Albie entertaining the Beaver Scouts with is bagpipe playing for “Burns Night”

bagpiper at beavers jan 2016 no2 best photo

Cubs with one of the totem poles they created to mark 100 years of Cub Scouts

cubs totem pole jan 2016 for 100 years cubs

Assistant Beaver Leader Geraldine receiving birthday gifts and challenging Pat to take a decent photo of the event

Wood Badge Presentation for the Beaver Leaders

Remembrance Parade

Cubs at Panto

Beaver “shoe box appeal” night

Our latest Beaver Leader Emily on her birthday

Halloween Camp

Beaver’s Halloween Night

Cubs Halloween night 2015

Beaver Leader Zarah’s Birthday


Beaver Scout’s Wet night 2015

Summer Camp 2015

Beavers Investiture 2015


Village Show 2015-Stuart gets a soaking! 

Cubs cooking 2015

Cubs Hike 2015

Beavers Den Building 2015

Beaver's Den Building Night


Beaver’s Tesco Farm to Fork visit 2015


Cub camp, Rabbit Hill, Hallowtree 2015

Sign Clean Cubs, 2015


1st Grundisburgh 2014

1st Grundisburgh 2013

1st Grundisburgh 2012

1st Grundisburgh 2011

1st Grundisburgh 2010

1st Grundisburgh 2009

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